Balgownie Rd, Balgownie NSW 2519
I went to see Patricia Ryan at ABC Counselling for anxiety and depression. As well as psychotherapy, Pat suggested Hypnotherapy and I thought I’d try it. The results were amazing. She changed my life. I had 4 sessions in total and came away with the tools to manage anxiety so that it no longer worries me; depression a distant memory. I feel calm and contented whatever comes up. I am more positive and my self-esteem has shot up and when I have a problem I have the confidence to resolve it. I seem to have a knowledge and insight about myself and others that I didn’t have before. The negative feelings I experienced prior to seeing Pat are no longer there. I would recommend Patricia Ryan’s technique of hypnotherapy to everyone. Her kind and patient approach really helped me overcome my issues. I cannot thank Patricia enough for turning my life around.
On the advice of my doctor , I booked into Pat Ryan for some Hypnotherapy to help me cope with an ongoing medical issue that I’ve had. Not having had hypnotherapy previously I didn’t know what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised not only by the lady herself but also her professionalism and the methods she uses. In the time I’ve spent with Pat , she has put me at ease in my dealings with her and the things she has taught me on how to cope will be ongoing and bring me lifelong benefits. Ive now learnt through the tools she given me , on how to apply her advice in my day to day life thus making better choices in regards to my stress and anxiety .it has given me a much better understanding and perspective of my past and present issues. I feel extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to have been paired with Pat when I really needed somebody to help. There are many people out there with many different problems, and if you are one of these people looking for answers, then I highly and strongly recommend you ring Pat Ryan’s number. From a very satisfied customer.
Depressions are a depilitating illness as everyone who suffers from it knows. Lucky, there is help. I found great help at ABC a while back and life has been a lot better since without this illness. I am so glad that I could now recommend Pat R at ABC to my son who also is in need of professional help. He has only started sessions, but his outlook on life has changed already. I can only highly recommend ABC.
Graham P
“I went to see Pat following a fire in my father’s house from which he later died. The grief and guilt I felt was intense because I was not there to help him. He was my friend and I loved him. Patricia gave me the psychoeducational material and psychotherapeutic tools to work with to find my way back to normalcy. The hypnotherapy was profound. I can still go back in my mind whenever I like to the place of utter calm she led me to. It took time but I’m now a different person. My thanks.
Mike T
“I was a smoker for 28 years. I didn’t think I could stop. Tried patches, you name it I did it. Nothing worked until hypnotherapy changed my life. There were no withdrawal symptoms and that was now two years ago. Life is good. Thank you.
Colin B
“ABC cured my nail biting. I am forty and have bitten my nails since childhood. Now when I go to bite my nails I can’t. I just get a picture of where I went in hypnotherapy and remember that I now file my nails. I never thought I would stop but I did and that was my dream.
Andrea C
“Pat helped me with my fear of dentists and doctors when I had needle phobia. After the first session I went to the doctor and dentist. It felt great to be free of fear after so many years. Then the dental hygienist accidentally cut my gum and the fear came back. I went back to ABC and after just one more session I was cured all over again.